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9:00 - 9:30    Prayer Time
9:30 - 9:45    Fellowship Time *
9:45 - 11:00   Worship
11:15 - 12:00 Classes
*No Child Care

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            Christ Community Church was birthed from the vision for a family of Christians who not only attends church on Sundays, but who always shows the love of Christ daily.  We had a vision for a church that not only meets the needs -  both spiritual and nonspiritual - of its members, but which also meets those same needs for others.  Christ Community had a vision for a place of worship where the Truth preached weekly not only encourages us, but also challenges us to always be obedient to Scripture regardless of what today's society condones.  We had a vision for members who not only understand and can defend their faith, but who have a passion to share the Good News at every opportunity.  Christ Community had a vision for an environment not only where believers are always growing in their daily walk, but where leaders are constantly being developed to lead in both the church and in the world.


            Christ Community Church was chartered December 16, 2002 and we first met for corporate worship celebration on January 5, 2003.  Our first two church services were on the second floor in an apartment clubhouse looking out onto the golf course.  Mid-South Baptist Association was very gracious to let us use their facilities at the Mid-South Baptist Association Conference Center and we began meeting there in Cordova for our third worship celebration.  Worship outside by the lake next to the big rustic wood cross was especially memorable...hearing a message from God's Word amidst the majesty of God's creation.  As our needs grew and desiring to be closer to our target community, we moved in April 2003 to Day Campus Germantown, the previous home of Forest Hill Baptist Church.  The Lord continued to bless CCC and we then outgrew Day Campus. In October 2006 we moved across the street and began holding our corporate worships in the Malco Theater in The Village Shops of Forest Hill, while continuing to meet for discipleship afterwards at Day Campus. Later, we eventually moved discipleship to Malco, also. After worshiping for fifteen months in our “sanctuary with cup-holder seats” CCC again moved to a larger facility. On March 2, 2008 we held church for the first time at Collierville Banquet Hall. 


            Christ Community Church is tremendously blessed to have the support of the Mid-South Baptist Association, and especially of our sponsor/mother church, Collierville First Baptist Church.  As we look back to our relatively short history, we can definitely see the hand of God working for and in our ministry.  So many things have come together perfectly and in perfect timing that we know it must not be by coincidence but through acts of God.  Our Pastor has often preached that we, the members, are often the only Bible that the world reads.  We are ever cognizant of that awesome responsibility and strive to be the best ambassadors of Christ possible, as we purpose to lead unbelievers to Christ and develop more lay-ministers while accomplishing our goal of helping people go "From Lost to Leader".